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Farm Fresh Eggs AND MEATS - Locally Grown, Pasture Raised, Completely Loved


  • 25 Quail eggs
  • 180 regular eggs
  • 6 pounds of lavender
  • 5 jars of peach jam

*while supplies last

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Hummingbird Rancho

After many failed attempts at finding about an acre of property with a bit bigger house in our same area of town, we gave up. A couple of days later, a small horse property on the opposite side of town, actually found us! I knew the minute I saw it that it would be the place where I lived out my next chapter, so we packed up 22 years of our life and traded in 1/4 of an acre in the city for nearly 3 acres of farmland in the ‘country’! 

We jumped in with both feet after inheriting 5 ducks (the 5 sisters), we acquired chickens, cows, geese, quail, more ducks, bunnies… and the rest is history!

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Whether you need furniture, vintage dishes, serving trays, a beautiful event space for small scale events, or even rent our 1952 Farm truck, Hummingbird Rancho has you covered!

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At Hummingbird Rancho, our responsibility is to give our animals a

At Hummingbird Rancho, we believe in food that is grown in high quality soil, using regenerative practices in order to preserve the integrity of the land

We believe that animals should be humanely raised in nutrient rich pastures while living their best lives. 

We believe that animals being used for food should be honored for their life, and should be compassionately dispatched and processed.

We believe following these principles improves the quality of the food we raise and grow here at The Rancho. 

We currently raise pasture poultry meats and eggs, Scottish Highlands beef, along with seasonal produce. We also raise specialty breed poultry where our goal is to supply small batch chicks and hatching eggs primarily for their breed and egg colors.

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What people are saying about us

"5 star event rental company! Hummingbird Rancho is my new, local small business ‘go to’ for all my upcoming events! I loved the special service I received. We recently held a baby shower and needed linens, chairs and a few fun tables To make the event special! Not only did HR provide the basics but offered beautiful and unique pieces that created a lovely space for our mom-to-be where she felt pampered while opening her gifts! The best part of our experience was working with Lori. I am still amazed at how she saw my vision and guided us throughout the process. She even offered the perfect rug to finish off the space! Easy to book and great prices!"
-Karie B.

"Lori's eggs are great! They're only $5.00 too, which is not bad for local farm-raised eggs. It's important to me that the chickens are treated right and I've been to the farm and the chickens have free reign. I'd definitely recommend.
 -Kerri A.

I just have to say:
"Just wow! Lori and her husband are something else! They were top notch, they were responsive and helpful. They made it so easy for me to rent what I needed for my mini shoot pop-up! The truck I rented was exactly what I needed. My clients even loved it more than me! I can't wait to use her again in the future!"
-Chelssie Oats, Owner/Photographer at OH Photography

"We bought a quarter beef from Bryan and Lori this fall. It was a very fair amount of beef for the price. Everything was labeled clearly and well processed and packaged to ensure against freezer burn. The meat has been extremely tender and flavorful. I would definitely buy from them again."
-Jennifer Hughes

I met Lori and her family playing rec soccer but quickly realized we also had the same vision- create a self-sustainable farm. Over the past few years I have watched Bryan and Lori transform their property to the sanctuary they dreamed of. They always welcome me and give me valuable information and advice about my animals. Their instagram page is always teaching me tips and tricks to be a successful livestock owner. I know each and every one of their animals is treated with respect and compassion. I look forward to continuing to learn from them and watch them grow. Thank you Hummingbird Rachco for inspiring and empowering me to start my own little farm. "
-Christine Mann